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Rekko "Salute, Educazione e Solidarietà"

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Asilo Tanzania

In 2015 a member of the association Rekko Italia, Matteo Noris, travelled to Tanzania to assess the situation of the projects realized ...

Raccolta fondi

In 2015 a member of the association Rekko Italia, Matteo Noris, travelled to Tanzania to assess the situation of the projects realized by Rekko Italia during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s in that country.

During the same trip, other projects have been approached - chosen between the others for the high level of similarity with current Rekko’s projects (Guatemala Rekko7/8)- with the idea of sharing expertise and ideas.

One of the projects visited, was the “Beroya Nursery School” in Gongo la Mboto (Dar es Salaam). The nursery school, situated in a semi-urban neighbourhood of Dar es Salaam is a small no-profit project run by two local teachers. With very scarce/no resources, the project still benefits 48 pupils coming from the neighbourhood. The services provided by the nursery school allow these pupils to not fall out of the educational system even before entering it.

The work “Beroya Nursery School” is based on values and objectives in line with those of Rekko Italia.

The nursery school could benefit enormously from receiving a financial and technical aid from Rekko Italia, with the potential of creating the case for the commitment of Rekko in other similar projects. 

Short Term Objectives :

  • Improve the quality of the school infrastructure helping withthe fitting of new and more functional furniture’s (tables, chairs, blackboard, shelving unit)
  • Painting of the internal walls
  • Identify the best way in which to allow kids to be visited by a doctor at least once a year
  • Provide the two teachers with a salary
  • Create a safe access to drinkable water for the kids in the school (water filter in the classrooms)
  • Insure that kids receive a nutrient snack per day every day (instead of building a cooking facility, involving a neighbours in cooking activities to avoid increasing complexity of the project + creating income for a family in the neighbourhood)
  • Pay for the rent of the school facility

Medium Term Objectives:

  • Help the school become a recognised/ official association, registered in Tanzania.
  • Help the school create obtain an online presence and communicate its activities
  • Access to a small portable camera
  • Access to a laptop
  • Collect information about all the organizations/entities and individuals that could help solve present and future of the school and of the families involved in the school
  • Free/cheap medical clinics
  • Free/cheap legal services
  • Free/cheap counselling services etc.
  • ONGs /associations providing useful services – employment opportunities
  • Involve teachers in professional training and development (Montessori method? Sending our pedagogue from Guatemala to Tanzania for a period?)
  • Create a complete profiling of the families benefiting from the school services to understand if we are aiming to those most in need already, or if the school could better source the families it works with. This also to allow the creation of “tailor fitted” services to fulfil the needs of the target population

Long Term Objectives

  • Strengthen the link between the school and the local community
  • Open afternoon programs for the kids
  • Open a literacy program for adults /learning opportunities for adults
  • Open opportunities for sharing for mothers
  • Help the school improve its sustainability
  • Find secondary sources of finances
  • Volunteering program
  • Sales of some products/services
  • Get the local/national government to pay for part of the costs
  • Provide the school with a guide on how to complete both educative and fun activities using recycled materials/low cost material. Manual to be written by our teaching team in Guatemala.

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